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Rojo Lopez, Ana Maria. 2000. Una aproximación cognitiva a la traducción del lenguaje humoristico [A cognitive approach to the translation of humour]. In Navarro Errasti, María Pilar, Rosa Lorés Sanz, Silvia Murillo Ornat and Carmina Buesa Gómez, eds. Transcultural communication: pragmalinguistic aspects (Textos de Filología 9). Zaragoza: Anúbar. pp. 99–110.
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This work proposes an approach to the translation of humour based on the notions of context, prototype and frame as defined in Fillmore's Frame Semantics. The author attempts to elaborate a model based on the mental frames or knowledge structures which are activated by the reader of a text and the procedures used by the author to manipulate these frames and create a humorous effect. Such a model is used to analyse a number of examples from David Lodge's Small World and its Spanish translation El mundo es un pañuelo by Esteban Riambau Sauri.
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