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Valero-Garcés, Carmen and Guzmán Mancho Barés. 2002. Nuevas necesidades para nuevas realidades en la comunicación intercultural: traducción e interpretación en los servicios públicos [New needs for new realities in cross-cultural communication: community translation and interpreting]. In Valero-Garcés, Carmen and Guzmán Mancho Barés, eds. Traducción e interpretación en los servicios públicos: nuevas necesidades para nuevas realidades [Community interpreting and translating: new needs for new realities]. Alcalá de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá. pp. 15–30.


The changes that societies are going through around the world create a series of challenges that are unimaginable in homogeneous societies. The changes in the structure of societies and in the way relationships are established affect the way the role of translators or interpreters is understood. Subjects discussed range from the consideration of the figure of the translator/interpreter to the definition of the role of an interlinguistic mediator. These differences manifest themselves in the participants' own conceptions of such everyday acts as work, family, housework, having fun, the way of showing emotions. All of this can lead to situations of conflict or rejection. In this paper, a study of the most specific characteristics of a mediator in an intercultural society is presented: where the mediator works, where he/she comes from, what his/her role is, who hires him/her, what training he/she has or receives, and what the future holds for him/her both inside and outside the borders.
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