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Stolze, Radegundis. 2003. Vagueness in economic texts as a translation problem. Across Languages and Cultures 4 (2) : 187–203.


This article discusses - at the example of economic texts - the solution of dynamic translation problems from a translator's hermeneutic approach to texts. Hermeneutic translation integrates a knowledge-based understanding of written texts with functional text production adapted to the respective discourse field. Translating texts for specific purposes means to enter in and continue the specialized communication in another language. One special problem in translating texts from the field of economics is a kind of ‘vagueness’ in such texts, which appears on various levels. This concerns a pragmatic vagueness by a variety of persons involved in economic texts, so that more than one text function may be realized; there is a semantic vagueness in the terminology caused by polysemantic concepts and varying levels of language usage; there is a formative vagueness in the specialist terminology in using general language frames for specific concepts, and a conceptual vagueness mirroring cultural differences.
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