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Sánchez Hernández, Purificación and Pilar Aguado-Giménez. 2003. Translating stage directions: The Tempest Act IV into Spanish. Across Languages and Cultures 4 (2) : 217–235.
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The stage directions of The Tempest Act IV have, as many other fragments of Shakespeare's works, been subjected to editorial intervention since the editors of the 18th century first altered the Folio stage directions. There are six directions in Act IV that show differences with respect to the original. All of them were initially modified by the 18th century editors both in the form of the direction and in the place of occurrence. Later editors maintained these new arrangements remaining in that form and place in all subsequent editions till the 20th century, when scholars such as Dover Wilson and Kermode went back to the Folio edition. This editorial behaviour has also been paralleled by the Spanish translators. In this paper the authors present all Spanish translations of The Tempest published in Spain and analyse the influence of English editors on the Spanish translations of this particular Act.
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