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Azenha, João Jr. 2002. O tradutor como gênio criador: Robert Schumann [The translator as creative genius: Robert Schumann]. TradTerm 8 : 51–65.
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This article is part of a broader research project, which aims to accomplish a commented and annotated translation of Robert Schumann’s Gesammelte Schriften über Musik und Musiker into Portuguese. Such a translation gives special consideration to Schumann’s relations with the German Romantic Movement – Literature and Aesthetics – and with the foundations of musical critique. In this introductory article, the author attempts to present a bird-eye’s view of Schumann’s interest in foreign languages – the core of his school instruction at the Gymnasium in Zwickau – and of his activity as a translator of Greek and Latin poets. Schumann’s musical rendering of his literary experience as a writer, reader, translator, and editor exposes the composer in two different aspects: as a spokesman, in music, for the exponents of German Classicism and for the poets of his generation, and as an eager reader, who, in his compositions, provided a very personal interpretation of the literary canon of his time.
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