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Bevilacqua, Cleci Regina. 2002. Algumas propostas e reflexões referentes às unidades fraseológicas especializadas [Some proposals and reflections on specialized phraseological units]. TradTerm 8 : 135–147.
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The phraseology of the common language has been the object of study for translators since a long time. It implies, among other aspects, the search for equivalences between syntagmatic units of different cultures and languages that are not always easily to identify. These last years, the specialized phraseology receives attention besides the phraseological units of the common language. The authors believe that one of the reasons for this interest is the position that terminology claims as a basic and indispensable instrument in the translation of specialized texts. Considering terminology as an important tool in the translation process, the authors present some questions referring to specialized phraseology and its interaction with the translation of specialized texts. First, the authors present a definition of the Specialized Phraseological Units and their properties. After that, they mention some elements that justify the importance of those units in the translation process, and finally, they present some questions referring to the representation of specialized phraseology in mono/bi/ multilingual works.
Source : K. Foelen