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Barcellos Almeida, Gladis Maria de. 2003. O percurso da terminologia: de atividade prática à consolidação de uma disciplina autônoma [The evolution of terminology: from the practical activity to the consolidation of the autonomous discipline]. TradTerm 9.
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Terminology is not a recent domain. The practical terminology dates of the 18th century with works in the area of chemistry, botany and zoology. The interest of the specialists of each area for Terminology has its origin in the will to relate the denominations to the scientific concepts. This tendency goes on in the 19th century, where the gradual development of sciences makes that scientists search more to understand and to describe the rules of formation of the terms of each domain of specialty. From the 20th century on, the necessity is not only to relate denominations to concepts, but to elaborate new concepts and to harmonize the new denominations.
Source : K. Foelen