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Rhinow, Daniela Ferreira Elyseu. 2007. Visões de Otelo na Cena e na Literatura Dramática Nacional do Século XIX [Visions of Othello on the scene and Brazilian dramatic literature of the nineteenth century]. 528 pp.
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This PhD deals with the arrival of the character Othello on the stages of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the nineteenth century, and its appropriations in works by Brazilian authors of the period. Seeking to study the texts staged in Rio, the work tackles representations of the original Shakespearian text, in English or Italian translations; French versions of classicist spirit; Italian operas on the subject; and Portuguese translations brought by foreign companies. The reception of such stagings by the national press is contemplated, searching an ampler vision of their repercussion. Secondly, there is the analysis on how such texts have been appropriated into a national dramatic production, the main examples being plays by authors such as Martins Pena, Joaquim Manuel de Macedo, Gonçalves Dias and Aluísio Azevedo. From the study of the plays and documents from the period, it is the intention of this work to establish a clearer vision of the trajectory of the character in Brazil, as well as the extension of its influence in important writers in the formation of the Brazilian drama.
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