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Adab, Beverly and Cristina Valdés Rodríguez, eds. 2004. Key debates in the translation of advertising material. Special issue of The Translator 10 (2) 220 pp. URL


The production of an advertising text involves considerable market research, so that the intended audience can be very carefully targeted, the right buttons pressed and the desired responses elicited. Much has been written about the marketing aspects of promotional material in general, and several scholars (particularly in linguistics) have addressed questions relating to the structure and function of advertisements, focusing on images, rhetorical structure, semiotic functions, discourse features and audio-visual media, amongst other aspects of the genre. Not much, on the other hand, has been written within translation studies about the complexities involved in the transfer of an advertising message. Contributors to this volume explore various interdependent aspects of the interlingual and intercultural transfer of an advertising message. They emphasize features of culture specificity, of multi-medial semiotic interaction, of values and stereotypes, and most importantly, they recommend strategies and approaches to assist translators.
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