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Chiaro, Delia. 2004. Translational and marketing communication: a comparison of print and web advertising of Italian agro-food products. In Adab, Beverly and Cristina Valdés Rodríguez, eds. Key debates in the translation of advertising material. Special issue of The Translator. Studies in Intercultural Communication 10 (2): 313–328.


One of the effects of the new economy has been the deconstruction of traditional market channel distribution. The traditional 'producer-wholesaler-retailer-consumer' sequence of buying and selling is changing as the World Wide Web has created a direct link between producer and customer (B2C) and between producer and producer (B2B). Like many other economies, the Italian one, which is largely based on small and medium sized industries, has had to come to terms with the challenge of competing in this new marketplace, with the handicap of having to do so in a language other than its own. This paper sets out to investigate how the Italian agro-food sector promotes its products beyond the national market. In order to examine the interdependence between medium and message, a corpus of electronic promotional texts for Italian foodstuff is compared and contrasted with a comparable corpus of printed advertising material from specialized magazines in English.
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