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Mooij, Marieke de. 2004. Consumer behavior and culture: consequences for global marketing and advertising. Thousands Oaks: Sage Publications. 360 pp.


Consumers worldwide are not the same, and the differences in consumer behavior between countries are increasing. Because all aspects of consumer behavior are culture-bound, and not subject merely to environmental factors but integrated in all of human behavior, there is an increased need to identify and understand this integration and its impact on global marketing and advertising. Consumer Behavior and Culture: Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising presents an empirically based model for integrating culture with consumer behavior. The book reviews the myths of global marketing, and explores the concept of culture and models of culture. It provides empirical evidence of convergence and divergence in consumer behavior and covers various psychological and sociological aspects of human behavior used for explaining consumer behavior. Finally, it reviews and discusses cultural variations of these aspects across the world.
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