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Lages, Susana. 1998. A tarefa do tradutor e o seu duplo: a teoria da linguagem de Walter Benjamin como teoria da traduzibilidade [The translator's task and its double: the theory of the language of Walter Benjamin as theory of the translatability]. Cadernos de Tradução 1 (3) : 63–88. URL


This paper aims to show aspects of an intimate link between Walter Benjamin's essay The Translator's Task (1927) and his previous Sprachaufsatz (Essay on Language), On language as Such and on the Language of Man (1916). Both texts focus on the possibility of translation as a fundamental basis to think about language in general and about languages in particular as well as about the relation between them, particularly in translation. Through close readings of both essays, the author tries to show how Benjamin's ideas are exposed following a mutual mirroring pattern, which migrates from one essay to another and is also embedded inside them. As in any complex thinking process, this specular duplicity manifests itself in the paradoxical way arguments are combined to compose a textual whole, and also in some common subjects presented in both texts.
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