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Sodré, Vera Lúcia. 1998. Em busca da harmonia [In search of harmony]. Cadernos de Tradução 1 (3) : 113–138. URL
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This article intends to present a way to better understand and improve the relationship between writers, readers, translators and critics, - considering that all of them, in their particular jobs, deal with some unknown parts of themselves that interfere in their relationship with themselves and with others. The starting point was the Johari Window, a model of interpersonal relationship developed by psychologists Luft and Ingham (1955). This paper also intends to establish an analogy between the several kinds of answers obtained from a psychological test on perception and different theoretical translation tendencies and to embrace the various truths in each theory, as the attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together, which, seemingly conflicting when seen in isolation, turn out to reach a certain harmony as parts of wider whole.
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