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Martins, Helder. 1999. A crítica da tradução literária [Literary translation criticism]. Cadernos de Tradução 1 (4) : 29–55. URL


This paper aims to address the area of literary translation criticism. The perspective which is here presented consists of an analytical and comparative confrontation of the original and the translation. This perspective aims to comment on and draw up an inventory of similar, different and unequal structures between the original and the translation. Moreover, it intends to clarify and shed light on the translation process, the strategy adopted by the translator and its appropriateness to this particular situation. The present translation criticism approach emphasises the evaluation and appreciation of the translation process and the role of the factors involved in it. The concept of equivalence, as a central and main category for the translation process and for the evaluation of the translator´s task, is also addressed. Another issue considered is whether literary translation is an homologous task of textual production which invents itself, without being just a simple linguistic transfer from source language to target language.
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