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McDougal, Stuart. 2001. Eyes Wide Shut: the dream-odyssey of Stanley Kubrick. Cadernos de Tradução 1 : 189–202. URL
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In the decade following the appearance of Full Metal Jacket (1987), Stanley Kubrick considered a number of projects, among them adaptations of AI and The Aryan Papers. Instead, however, he returned to a book he had first considered filming in the early 1970s’s, Arthur Schnitzler’s Traumnovelle (‘Dream Story’). This story concerns the sexual fantasies and activities of an upper-class married couple in turn-of-the-century Vienna. The story is unlike anything else Kubrick ever filmed, and yet it haunted him for over 30 years. The questions it raises—about fidelity and about the difference between dreaming and acting on one’s dreams—were both of a personal and professional interest to Kubrick. His adaptation of Traumnovelle, entitled Eyes Wide Shut, becomes a a very personal film for him. Eyes Wide Shut represents Kubrick’s personal odyssey as he revisits scenes of his youth and his early career as a filmmaker.
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