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Wallmach, Kim. 2000. Get them lost just as in the narrow streets of the casbah: metaphors of resistance and subversion in translation. Hermeneus 2 (2) : 235–258.
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Translation theorists influenced by the poststructuralist paradigm have revisited and attempted to subvert traditional, pre-scientific” metaphors on translation. The act of resistance to establishing norms has in itself become a metaphor, and so the so-called resistive approaches to translation have evolved which have taken up the call for resistance to establishing norms and which have developed a set of metaphors of their own. The author begins by exploring the origins in metaphor of resistive approaches to translation within the context of translation theory as a whole, and then goes on to show that these approaches, despite their grounding in poststructuralism and deconstruction, remain fundamentally caught up in the binarism and circularity of the theories they claim to change.
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