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Yazici, Mine. 2004. Çeviribilimde bibliyografyalar: işlevsel bir yaklaşım [Bibliographies in Translation Studies: a functional approach]. Translation Studies in the New Millennium 2 : 225–241.
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This article aims at revealing the function of bibliographical studies in orienting trainees to the field of Translation Studies, and having them acquire a macro-scale outlook on academic issues. The study divides into four parts. The first part deals with the position of bibliographical studies within the framework of Translation Studies. The second part describes the past bibliographical studies held in Turkey. The third part focuses on a retrospective model to update the past bibliographies in such a way as to bridge the applied and theoretical fields. In the last part, prospective models are proposed in consideration for the academic needs of the discipline, and technological conveniences provided by computers. In conclusion, this paper supports and rationalizes bibliographical studies in the name of academic recognition of the field to achieve continuity and systematical accumulation of knowledge.
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