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Lambert, Sylvie. 1992. Aptitude testing for simultaneous interpretation. The Interpreters' Newsletter 4 : 25–32.


This paper aims to present and describe the screening instruments used at the University of Ottawa to select applicants seeking admission to the graduate diploma programme. The University of Ottawa’s interpretation programme provides professional training in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. The curriculum includes compulsory and optional courses, a promotion examination before being admitted into second year, a practicum, and a final examination before a board of examiners. The programme is offered by rotation of courses over two years. It is intended primarily for part-time students, although those who place well in the entrance examination and who are exempted from some introductory courses may be able to undertake the programme on a full-time basis. The selection exams include shadowing, cloze, sight translation/interpretation, memory test (Wechsler) and interview.
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