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Viezzi, Maurizio. 1989. Information retention as a parameter for the comparison of sight translation and simultaneous interpretation: an experimental study. The Interpreters' Newsletter 2 : 65–69.


The present paper is a corollary to and confirmation of the results presented after experiments were carried out with groups of interpreting students. Although expectations might have led to the idea that professional interpreters with longer experience would have developed information retention capacity to a much greater extent than comparatively inexperienced students, the results obtained in the experiments with professional interpreters corroborate to a very remarkable degree the findings of the earlier paper. This paper presents the results of an experimental study in which sight translation and simultaneous interpretation have been compared on the basis of information retention. The results obtained appear to indicate that (a) the processes of sight translation and simultaneous interpretation are by no means parallel, as they imply different strategies, and (b) information rates, at least partially, depend on the morphosyntactic relations between source and target languages.
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