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O'Shea, Billy. 1996. Equivalence in Danish news subtitling from Northern Ireland. Perspectives 4 (2) : 235–254.
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Subtitles for news broadcasts are possibly the most read translations in Denmark. This article analyses news subtitles from the theoretical perspective of equivalence of effect, as defined by Eugene Nida and further developed by Gideon Toury. Subtitled news reports from Northern Ireland broadcast on Danish state television during 1996 are analysed with respect to the degree of dynamic equivalence attained. Problematic areas are grouped under three headings: frames, the religious model, and terminological problems. It is argued that the presentation of a subtitled news item – its ‘frame’ – can change the way that the subtitles are understood, to such an extent that the frame itself can be considered to be a part of the translation. It is further argued that the religious explanatory model adopted with regard to the Northern Ireland conflict by Danish television news has made dynamic equivalence difficult to attain in subtitled reports.
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