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Sabio Pinilla, José Antonio and María Manuela Fernández Sánchez. 2000. Francisco Ayala, traductor y teórico de la traducción [Francisco Ayala's translations and translation theory]. Sendebar 10/11 : 31–42.
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From a historical perspective, an analysis of translation practice in a given period signifies both a description of the development of the discipline as well as an assessment of the theoretical reflection regarding it. In this article, the authors describe the important work in translation carried out by Francisco Ayala and underline his contribution to translation theory. To this end, the implications of his work are studied in an international context as well as in the peninsular one where it has its roots. The figure of Francisco Ayala also serves as a starting point from where it is possible to examine the translation work carried out by those who went into exile after the Spanish Civil War. This study also shows that certain ideas regarding the non-existence of a Spanish tradition in translation should be revised.
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