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Dasilva, José Manuel. 2005. A República dos Sonhos de Nélida Piñon, en galego [Nélida Piñon's A República dos Sonhos in Galician]. ViceVersa 11 : 57–76. URL
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This paper aims in the first place at analysing the diffusion of Nelida Piñon’s work in Spain, particularly in the Galician area. As a starting point, the author comments on some reflections of Nelida Piñon regarding the ties between the Galician universe and an important part of her literary work. Attention is given, on the other hand, to some remarkable aspects of this Galician-Brasilian writer’s concept of translation as an activity of intercultural mediation. The second objective of the paper consists in analysing the recently published Galician version of the novel A República dos Sonhos.
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