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Serrano Fernández, Luis. 2001. La traducción de los títulos de películas inglés-español en un contexto determinado y determinante: España 1975-1980 [The translation of film titles from English into Spanish in a specific context: Spain 1975-1980]. Sendebar 12 : 153–178.
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This paper aims to study the target titles of films translated from English into Spanish and exhibited in Spanish movie theatres between 1976 and 1979. As a methodological framework, it is assumed that the facts of translations are conditioned by such factors as Time and Space. The Spanish nation from that period was certainly a most peculiar context, as the young democracy begins to emerge after 40 years of dictatorship. The specific features of this new period no doubt influence every aspect of Spanish society, one of which is the so-called fact of culture. Translated products are also facts of culture. Thus the translation of film titles is bound to be determined by this very specific context.
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