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Branchadell, Albert and Lovell Margaret West, eds. 2005. Less translated languages (Benjamins Translation Library 58). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. viii + 416 pp.
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Edited volume
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US ISBN: 1-58811-480-5


This is a collection of articles devoted entirely to ‘less translated languages’, a term that brings together well-known, widely used languages such as Arabic or Chinese, and long-neglected minority languages — with ‘power’ as the key word at play. It starts with some views on English, the dominant language in Translation as elsewhere, considers the role of translation for minority languages — both a source of inequality and a means to overcome it —, takes a look at translation from less translated major languages and cultures, and ends up with a closer look at translation into Catalan, a paradigmatic case of less translated language, in a final section that includes a vindication of six prominent Catalan translators. Combining theoretical insight and analysis of relevant case studies, the contributors to this collection make a case for a more thorough examination of less translated languages within the field of Translation Studies.
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