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Andújar Moreno, Gemma and Montserrat Cunillera. 2001. El ritmo de la prosa en La douleur de Marguerite Duras: el anális discursivo como instrumento metodológico para la didáctica de la traducción [The rhythm of prose in Marguerite Duras' La douleur : discourse analysis as a methodological instrument for translation training]. Sendebar 12 : 337–352.
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The aim of this paper is to underline the importance of discourse analysis as a preliminary step to any translation. The study of a passage from La Douleur, by Marguerite Duras, presented for discussion in a translation course enables the authors to appreciate the specific organization of the text in terms of its rhythmic and discoursal mechanisms. Moreover, this theoretical approach enables the authors to evaluate the translation solutions put forward by the students.
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