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Bogomílova Atanásova, Denitsa. 2004. Un enfoque hermenéutico de la traducción cultural [A hermeneutic approach to cultural translation]. Hermeneus 6 : 19–39.
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The task of re-creating, in a different language, a text that already exists in another amounts to a hermeneutic case of extreme difficulty. Hermeneutics as a general theory of interpretation does not lay anymore stress on correctness of interpretation but aims to establish what interpretation means and what restrictions and in-built features the comprehension practice implies. There is no meaning without comprehension. That is why the 'loneliness' of signs drives us to try to rebuild their meaning as a whole. Nonetheless, neither the text nor its exegesis remains complete; there are always gaps that make the reception and interpretation of the message variable, and it is here where its strength lies. Hermeneutic theory brings to Translation Studies a vision which enables the translator to reinvent the text from where he/she stands rather than from where the author does, to imply or to hint at what words do not actually say, and to reflect ideology, world view and philosophy of life inferred by the original text.
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