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Hung, Eva, ed. 2005. Translation and cultural change: studies in history, norms and image-projection (Benjamins Translation Library 61). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xvi + 195 pp.
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US ISBN: 1-58811-627-1 Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2007). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 15 (1): 203-216.


History tells us that translation plays a part in the development of all cultures. Historical cases also show us repeatedly that translated works which had real social and cultural impact often bear little resemblance to the idealized concept of a ‘good translation’. Since the perception and reception of translated works — as well as the translation norms which are established through contest and/or consensus — reflect the concerns, preferences and aspirations of their host cultures, they are never static or homogenous even within a given culture. This book is dedicated to exploring some of the factors in the interplay of culture and translation, with an emphasis on translation activities outside the Anglo-European tradition, particularly in China and Japan.
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