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Cifuentes i Comamala, Lluís. 2003. Nota sobre la traducció catalana del De medicinis simplicibus d'Abu-l-Salt de Dénia [A note on the Catalan translation of De medicinis simplicibus by Abu-l-Salt de Dénia]. In Cantavella, Rosanna, Marta Haro and Helena Real, eds. Traducción y práctica literaria en la edad media románica [Translation and literary practice in the roman Middle Ages] (Quaderns de filología. Estudis Literaris 8). Valencia: University of Valencia. pp. 119–150.


This note tackles the anonymous Catalan translation of the Kitab al-adwiya al-mufrada (Book of simple drugs) written by the physician, philosopher and poet of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Abu-l-Salt-Umayya al-Andalusi. The medieval Catalan translation was based on the Latin version (Liber de medicinis simplicibus) that Arnau de Vilanova rendered in Valencia in the 1270s or, according to another opinion, at Montpellier in the 1290s. Despite its conservation in a fifteenth-century manuscript, the author argues that the Catalan translation was done in the first half of the fourteenth century in the northern region of Catalonia, and that it can be related to the interest in vernacular medical texts of a practical nature that developed in non-academic social and professional circles from the last decades of the thirteenth century.
Source : Based on BITRA/F. Yus