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Buzelin, Hélène. 2004. La traductologie, l’ethnographie et la production des connaissances [Translation Studies, ethnography and knowledge production]. Meta 49 (4) : 729–746.


The field of Translation Studies has only recently opened itself to the postcolonial. Inasmuch as postcolonial translation theories question the notions of equivalence and transfer on which traditional theories of translation were founded, they initiate an epistemological debate resembling that which marked the field of anthropology. A number of studies have explored the analogy between the role of translators and ethnographers as cultural interpreters and writers. This article carries on the investigation by exploring how the reflection of ethnographers on their own (and others’) production of knowledge can enlighten that of contemporary translation theorists. The underlying hypothesis is that the ethnographic perspective, Bruno Latour’s work in particular, invites us to conceive translation as a production process that relies on intermediaries operating in networks.
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