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Truffaut, Louis. 2005. Le cours pratique de traduction: trois exemples (couple allemand-français) [A practical translation course: three examples (German-French)]. In Balliu, Christian, ed. Enseignement de la traduction dans le monde [Teaching translation throughout the world]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 50 (1): 9–27.
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Studies on professional translator training are often little more than an essay based on one or more theoretical approaches to translation together with a series of examples taken out of context and chosen, in fact, to provide back-up for an ideological approach to the question. The following article breaks away from this kind of study. It describes three lessons selected from the final year course of the Bachelor’s Degree in Translation Studies: an analysis of a published translation; justification for restructuring and constraints imposed on the translator; translation for internet. The texts on which the students worked and on which these lessons are based are provided in extenso.
Source : J. Vluijmans