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Faber Benítez, Pamela, María Manuela Fernández Sánchez, Concepción Sánchez-Adam and Elisabeth Stévaux. 2001. La expresión ritualizada y convencional en la interpretación bilateral: automatismos conversacionales [Ritualized and conventional expression in bilateral interpreting: conversational automatisms]. In Collados Aís, Angela and María Manuela Fernández Sánchez. Manual de interpretación bilateral [Manual of bilateral interpreting] (Interlingua 24). Granada: Comares. pp. 141–158.
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This appendix offers a systematization in various languages (English, French, German, and Spanish) of ritualized formulas that contributed towards the creation and development of a formal register's conversational framework. Likewise, the authors offer a sample of the conversational uses, conventionalized in the various languages, which are markers of linguistic politeness.
Source : BITRA/M.M. Fernández Sánchez