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Fraile Vicente, Esther. 2003. La traducción de los rasgos morfosintácticos del inglés coloquial [Translating the morphosyntactic characteristics of colloquial English]. Hermeneus 5 : 71–106.
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This article pretends to be a small contribution to the great need of descriptive theoretical studies which characterize the colloquial variety of languages & develop translation research. In particular, it aims to identify the markers which structure colloquial English in the phonetic, phonological, morphological & syntactic levels & check whether these phenomena correspond to those of colloquial Spanish. The taxonomy of colloquial English morphosyntactic traits will be accompanied by the translation of those colloquial expressions more difficult to transfer into Spanish, trying to find out the degree of correspondence between the informality markers in the two languages involved, & the way they can be translated so that the Spanish version keeps perfectly not only the meaning of the original but also its form. In conclusion, this essay has the purpose of analysing the translation strategies & procedures more suitable to keep in our language the colloquial variety of the source language. At any rate, these pages pretend to offer enough examples of the more characteristic signs of informal English.
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