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Lorenzo García, María Lourdes. 1998. Estudio macrolingüístico contrastivo del registro científico técnico en inglés y español [Macrolinguistic contrastive study of the technical and scientific register in English and Spanish]. In Félix Fernández, Leandro and Emilio Ortega Arjonilla, eds. II estudios sobre traducción e interpretación [Two studies in translation and interpreting]. Malaga: Universidad de Malaga. pp. 241–250.
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The author analyses the systematic differences between English and Spanish scientific essays and concludes that, if the Spanish translator wishes to present an acceptable text to target language readers, the following changes are mandatory: the title in Spanish must aim for paraphrase and objectivity; the Spanish introduction to the article must ignore examples and rhetorical questions, replacing them with the aims, a bibliographic revision and the methodology; finally, the English order (examples, hypotheses, anecdotes, etc.) should be replaced in Spanish by a sequential structure (introduction, aims, bibliographical revision, methodology, analysis and conclusions).
Source : BITRA/J. Franco