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Muñoz Gascón, Ana. 2004. Kindernovelle, introducción a un modelo de análisis didáctico del texto origen y la labor de documentación necesaria para la traducción literaria [Kindernovelle, an introduction to a model of didactic analysis of the source text and the necessary documentation for literary translation]. Hermeneus 6 : 135–153.
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This research aims at providing a didactic example of translation quality assessment. In order to achieve this, the author focuses on Klaus Mann's short story , Kindernovelle. Thus, after having analyzed the source text, the author takes into account both extra textual and intra textual factors. Then, the various translation problems are classified. Finally, the target text is assessed and a new proposal of translation is offered. In this model of analysis, the author pays special attention to the background information needed to perform the translation of the literary text, which is an essential requirement for the analysis of the source text and the production of the corresponding target text.
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