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Hansen, Gyde. 1999. Das kritische Bewußtsein beim Übersetzen: eine Analyse des Übersetzungsprozesses mit Hilfe von Translog und Retrospektion [A critical stance towards translation: an analysis of translation processes with the help of Translog and retrospection]. In Hansen, Gyde. Probing the process in translation: methods and results (Copenhagen Studies in Language 24). Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur. pp. 43–68.


In this article the translation process is studied using a combination of objective quantitative data registered by the computer program Translog and verbal data from retrospection. Process data of five subjects are compared with data derived from the evaluation of the translation products. It is shown that with this combination of methods it is possible to get an insight into the translator’s strategies and his/her degree of awareness when solving translation problems.
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