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Mauberret, Noël. 2004. Publier Jack London aujourd'hui: retraduire? Réviser les traductions? Le point de vue du directeur de collection [Publishing Jack London today: retranslating? Revising translations? The point of view of the director of the collection]. In Bensimon, Paul and Didier Coupaye, eds. Pourquoi donc retraduire? [Why retranslate?] Special issue of Palimpsestes 15: 121–128.
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To translate, to find a new translation, or to review an old one, are three different facets of the problem one is faced with a text written in a ‘foreign’ language that must be turned into your own. This problem is even more acute for someone whose responsibility is to oversee an entirely new translation of the complete collected works of the same author. Concerning Jack London and the release of all his works in a revised edition by Phébus-Libretto, revising the translations made by Louis Postif proved to be a problem. Since those translations were published in the inter-bella years, in addition to manifest errors, everything that was dated, anachronistic, or overconnotated had to be corrected. Revising itself had also to be called into question, which often led the translator-cum-reviewer to find a new translation for the whole of some of Jack London’s works.
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