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Topia, André. 2004. Retraduire Ulysses: le troisième texte [Retranslating Ulysses: the third text]. In Bensimon, Paul and Didier Coupaye, eds. Pourquoi donc retraduire? [Why retranslate?] Special issue of Palimpsestes 15: 129–152.
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The difficulty in translating Ulysses comes first from the fact that paradoxically it is a text which is always in the process of translating itself and where the various versions are always aleatory actualizations of an open paradigmatic series. Moreover, these difficulties do not necessarily lie in what is usually associated with ‘Joycean’ writing (fragmentation of the interior monologue, lexical creativity and condensation, phonic and onomatopeic rhythms, mimemic patterns of the ‘expressive form’, equivalences with the musical form, etc.) deeper anomalies appear in the verbal modes, in the distribution of clauses within the sentence, in the relation between finite verbs and participals, the role of appositions, the instabilities of free indirect speech, the role of adverbs in gestural punctuation, the generic and definitional formulations. In exploring these structural anomalies the translator will be led to go back to a potential text that generates both original and translation.
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