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Mestre, Anne-Marie Grund and Cândida Pinheiro Torres Mestre. 2002. O que é, como se faz e para que serve um dicionário? [What a dictionary is, how it is made and for what it is meant] Génesis 2 : 27–38.
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Three questions to which the answer, at first sight, seems easy and obvious. Yet, when Jakobson defined the poetic function as a projection of the equivalence principle of the selection axis upon the combinatory axis, this definition also seemed clear, although there appeared several disagreements. Conscious of the enormous distance that separates our knowledge from that of Jakobson, what the authors intend to offer is not, thus, anything similar to the famous Linguistics and Poetics, but simply, as Marina Yaguello did with linguistics, in her Alice au pays du langage, a brief and light reflection, as opposed to the analyzed object, that is the dictionary, which is heavy and highly complex.
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