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Reprint of Even-Zohar 1997, "The making of culture repertoire and the role of transfer".


This paper discusses the relations between the making of repertoire and import and transfer. Transfer, of which translation is only one possible instance, often plays a role for the fate of societies. This occurs when goods – material or semiotic – are imported and become successful on the home market. The imports may become integral part of the target culture. Discussing the nature of the transferred goods, it is suggested we integrate into the concept of ‘goods’ (and ‘products’) also the images projected into society by the people engaged in the making of repertoire, who are in this particular case agents of transfer. Their labor may introduce into the target network of cultural dispositions certain inclinations towards repertoires engaged by them. It is therefore suggested that what need be studied is the complex network of relations between the state of the home system, the nature of the transference activity, and the relations between power and market.
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