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Pérez Berenguel, José Francisco. 2001. Metodología traductora en un libro de viajes del siglo XVIII: las Cartas de España de Alexander Jardine [The methodology of translation in an eighteenth-century travel book: the Letters from Spain by Alexander Jardine]. In Barr, Ann, M. Rosario Martín Ruano and Jesús Torres del Rey, eds. Últimas corrientes teóricas en los estudios de traducción y sus aplicaciones [Recent theoretical trends in translation studies and their applications]. Salamanca: Universidad de Salamanca. pp. 577–582.
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Written after the author's own experience on the translation of the thirty-five Letters from Spain (1788) by the British diplomat and spy Alexander Jardine, this paper deals with the most common difficulties the translator has had to face in a travel book full of foreign terms and expressions, spelling mistakes, geographical and historical references to the late eighteenth-century Spain, not to mention the unavoidable spelling mistakes. Thus, the translation process has not only been a question of finding the lexical and stylistic equivalence of the original text but also, on certain occasions, a rather non simplistic matter of research.
Source : BITRA/M.R. Martín Ruano