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Romero Lucas, Diego. 2003. La traducción valenciana de las Meditationes vitae Christi del cartujano Ludolfo de Sajonia: las primeras ediciones valencianas impresas [The Valencian translation of the Meditationes vitae Christi by the Carthusian Ludolf of Saxony: the first editions printed in Valencia]. In Cantavella, Rosanna, Marta Haro and Helena Real, eds. Traducción y práctica literaria en la edad media románica [Translation and literary practice in the roman Middle Ages] (Quaderns de filología. Estudis Literaris 8). Valencia: University of Valencia. pp. 299–314.
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This article is a typo bibliographical approach to the first editions printed in Valencia of Joan Roís de Corella's translation of Ludolf of Saxony's Meditationes Vitae Christi. For its printed version, this work was divided in four parts (firstly printed in Valencia between 1496 and 1500). Five incunabula are analysed, plus another edition made in early years of the 16th century. The most important features of the preserved copies are highlighted, and also their importance within the early Valencian print. New information and hypotheses on an unknown printing date are offered, and also variations of printing features that determined the whole product's final singularity. An explanation on the localized preserved copies is also given.
Source : Based on BITRA/ F. Yus