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Fulford, Heather and Joaquín Granell Zafra. 2005. Translation and technology: a study of UK freelance translators. JoSTrans 4 : 2–17. URL


There is a wide range of information and communications technologies (ICT) available to translators, including both general-purpose software applications and special-purpose software, such as terminology management and translation memory systems. This paper reports the findings of the first phase of a research project investigating the adoption of information and communication technologies by UK freelance translators to support their various activities, including document production, terminology management, communication and client liaison, small business management, and marketing and work procurement. The findings reveal widespread adoption of general-purpose software applications, but only limited uptake of more special-purpose software, such as financial and accounting packages, terminology management tools and translation memory. Levels of awareness of translation-specific software were low, and many translators seemed skeptical about the value of such technologies. Implications are discussed for a number of stakeholders in the translation sector, including existing freelancers, newly-qualified translators, translator trainers, professional bodies for translators and others.
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