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Kaufmann, Francine. 1998. Traduire la Bible et le Coran à Jérusalem: André Chouraqui [Translating the Bible and the Koran in Jerusalem: André Chouraqui]. Meta 43 (1) : 142–156.
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Translator of three fundamental texts on Judaism, Christianity and Islam, André Chouraqui became involved in this undertaking even before settling in Jerusalem (in 1958). His everyday association with the land and language of the Bible have enabled him to view these familiar, but all too frequently translated word-for-word texts from a fresh perspective. This article shows how a child of the Maghreb became integrated into the French culture and subsequently reintegrated into Hebrew culture. It provides bibliographical references to invite translation specialists to discover the work of a biblical translator too often regarded solely from a confessional viewpoint or analyzed in terms of target-text versus source-text based.
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