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Berber Sardinha, Antonio Paulo. 1997. Patterns of lexis in original and translated business reports: textual differences and similarities. In Simms, Karl, ed. Translating sensitive texts: linguistic aspects (Approaches to Translation Studies 14). Amsterdam: Rodopi. pp. 147–154.
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The general question this paper addresses is whether there are differences in lexical cohesive patterns between an original business report in Portuguese and its translation into English. Cohesive patterns are one of the key elements in holding a text together. However, since the elements of the patterns appear scattered around the length of the text, it is not uncommon for these patterns to change in translation, given that translators do not have these patterns immediately available to them as they prepare the translation of a text. As a result, it is predicted that what was originally an integral pattern of the source text may become a different pattern altogether in the translation.
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