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Vincenzi, M. de and Edoardo Lombardo Vallauri, eds. 2002. Cross-linguistic perspectives on language processing (Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics 25). Cham: Springer. 264 pp.
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Edited volume
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The cross-linguistic aspect of language processing is becoming a central question in psycholinguistic research: if the goal of psycholinguists is to give a model of the human sentence processor, and not `a language' sentence processor, a test of its cross-linguistic validity is essential. The chapters address truly fundamental issues about the representational primitives of the parsing system and the motivations for the essential characteristics of the parser. The volume also discusses important methodological issues in cross-linguistic research, such as the choices of linguistic material and experimental procedures. It also shows how cross-linguistic research can be pursued in either a monolingual or multilingual approach. This volume contains contributions from experimental and theoretical psycholinguists, and computational researchers.
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