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Wendland, Ernst. 2004. What's the difference? Similarity (and dissimilarity) from a cross-cultural perspective: some reflections upon the notion of 'acceptability' in Bible translation. In Arduini, Stefano and Robert Hodgson, eds. Similarity and difference in translation. Rimini: Guaraldi. pp. 329–358.
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The related notions of similarity and difference are important as goals, standards, and norms in the production of a suitable translation. They also apply in the assessment of general audience acceptability with regard to a particular rendition in comparison with other versions of the same text. The present study explores the exercise of evaluating various styles of Bible translation in the Chichewa language of Zambia, with special reference to the crucial cultural factor and its influence on the overall testing process. Special attention is given to certain problems that can arise in connection with the whole notion of "testing" semantically similar but formally different biblical texts in a largely non-literate, traditional African society. A number of suggestions are made with regard to how such an assessment can be carried out more effectively with a view towards promoting an inter lingual, inter semiotic communications policy that is more context-oriented, knowledge-based, medium-sensitive, and stylistically flexible in operation.
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