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Kenesei, Andrea. 2004. Frames in the interpretation of poems and their translations: the reception of Lazarus by Agnes Nemes Nagy in Oklahoma and Hungary. Translation Studies in the New Millennium 2 : 151–167.
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The efficiency and success of translation has long been the key issue in translation theory. Several attempts have been made to model the processes and assess the results. Specialists carry out the analyses, but the real audience, for whom the original tests and the translations are created, seems to be neglected. The author involves the readers by asking them to interpret the text (the poem Lazar by Hungarian poetess, Agnes Nems Nagy, and the four translated versions.) Their interpretations reveal what frames were evoked in their minds while reading. If the frames are similar, we can say that the translations are successful. Also, the significance of the translator's mother tongue takes evidence.
Source : Based on B. Blackwell-Gulen