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Yi-Yi Shih, Claire. 2003. A cognitive approach to three trainee translators' overnight revision processes. Translation Quarterly 28 : 1–17.
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Many researchers have investigated the cognitive process of translation in the past two decades. However, revision after producing the first draft has long been ignored even though it is an essential part of the translation process. This study aims to take the first step to explore the cognitive process and strategies of overnight revision. Three subjects were asked to participate in the think-aloud protocols (TAPs) to translate and revise a text from Chinese into English on two consecutive days. They were subsequently interviewed after the second TAPs. A tentative model of revision process was developed from the TAP data as a result, which starts from evaluating first drafts, realising/verbalising a problem, inferencing strategies, referencing strategies, and evaluating solutions. Apart from the general revision strategies, three types of individual styles and/or approaches of revision were also identified, including self-assured/inner-dialogue type, sequential-detailed/linear type and contextual-global type. Similar research should be duplicated with larger populations and different language combinations so as to provide more insights on the revision process after a time gap.
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