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Chlopicki, Wladyslaw and Grzegorz Szpila, eds. 2002. Język trzeciego tysiąclecia 2 [Language of the third millenium 2] (Language and Communication 4). Krakow: Tertium. 421 + 385 pp.
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Edited volume
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The publication is a collection of papers which were delivered at the conference Language of the Third Millennium II devoted to an in-depth discussion of the topics raised at the first conference under this heading, that is linguistic and cultural phenomena which can be observed at the beginning of the new millennium and constitute landmarks of prospective language development. The phenomena discussed at the conference were grouped in four sections: language varieties and registers, Polish versus other languages, the language of translation, language teaching. Owing to their large number, the articles were published in two volumes. Volume 1 deals with general and theoretical issues of verbal and non-verbal communication, forms of politeness and particular language varieties and registers with the focus on text genres and types of communication, lexical issues as well as the language of the press and advertising. Translation issues prevail in volume 2, yet there is also a group of articles in teaching methodology and one focusing on languages in contact.
Source : Based on M. Piotrowska