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Tannery, Amália. 2003. Estudo comparativo de traduções de O Principezinho [Comparative study of translations of Le Petit Prince]. Génesis 3 : 53–69.
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Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry is one of the most difficult books to translate, along with Die grüne Schlange by Goethe. This children’s story can be read on three levels: first, as the adventure of a Little Prince who travels from planet to planet; secondly as the psychological interpretation of characters and events; finally, the symbolic significance of almost all the narrative components. Translating Le Petit Prince implies translating these three levels of significance. This objective is difficult and perhaps even impossible. This comparative study of three different translations into Portuguese of Le Petit Prince illustrates these difficulties. When none of the three translations seems satisfactory, a fourth is suggested.
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